Welcome to the Very Basic website that's created by and made for me Basic Bronze the, this website sure is a lot better than the first one.Anyways click on one of the buttons above ^

Really boring stuff here, go elsewhere for cool stuff
-Representation: Basic Bronze Sonic is created by Nathan Armstrong who goes by the username of Basic Bronze Sonic, Sonic Basic, Basic Bronze, and BBS.
Art: Nathan "Basic Bronze Sonic" Armstrong makes nearly all of his art so expect art to be made by Nathan "Basic Bronze Sonic" Armstrong unless explicitly stated otherwise.
Music: Same case as Art except even more so for music.
Voice Acting: AI recreation of Nathan "Basic Bronze Sonic/BBS" Armstrong's voices are not appropriated.
Webcomic: All webcomics under Nathan Armstrong (but primarily his username) are created purely by Nathan Armstrong. (and his username)
This section is just here in preparation since I plan on making webcomics
Software I use:
Music/Voice Acting - FL Studio Mobile
Additional Music Filtering/Manipulation: BandLab
Art - Ibis Paint X
You cut - Video Editing

Hi, I'm Nathan "Basic Bronze Sonic" Armstrong and I'm an Artist, Voice Actor, and Music ComposerI first established my Basic Bronze Sonic username back in 2020 and am now just another guy on the internet who has a portfolio and such.I do have commissions open so go ahead and check that out if you like my music... cause ain't nobody hiring me solely for my voice or my art anytime soon.If you wish to have me in your team/self made project then go ahead and contact me via Discord, Twitter, or Email.

Here's my socialsMy Twitter (@SonicBasic)
My Game Jolt (@basicbronzesonic)
My NewGrounds (@basic-bronze-sonic)
My YouTube channel
My Soundcloud
My Bandcamp music site
My Discord - Basic Bronze Sonic#8583/basicbronzesonic

I do music composing and storyboarding for Sonic Split.

Sonic Split

I designed the team logo btw

-I also compose music for Sonic Supernova as well.

Sonic Supernova

I do a bit of Death Battle stuff as well but unofficially.Now for a bit of my proudest art stuff I've made.

Here's my voice reel!

Blogs and News about how things are going for me2023
June 9th
Updated this site for the first time in forever, anyone remember Cman Adventures?
June 10th
It's official, I've returned to Game Banana.
Read more about it here (on Game Banana)
Additionally, I'm almost done with another Death Battle (unofficial) song.
Yeah I'm doing blogs now, but primarily on here instead of twitter because twitter sucks.
June 13th
Released a new Death Battle song today, check out the song here.
June 15th
I am no longer scheduling blogs/news because it's too unpredictable when I'll actually be making blogs and such, (context) I had these blogs and such scheduled until today.
Also I added what software I use in info, nothing too flashy though since I like to keep things simple for what software I use.
August 24th
Updated this site again, I wish managing this site was streamlined instead of repetitive.
September 25th
Updated Death Battle thingy, honestly I think I might completely redo this site... kinda boring so I would like to revamp it for my UPCOMING OPENING IF COMMISSIONS!
I'm making a LOT of progress on setting up commissions so it'll definitely be open by this year, you can commission me now even!
(but I can't receive payments just yet, as such my commission prices are-
5 US Dollars for art sketch
10 US Dollars for Death Battle song
And 20 US Dollars for Death Battle with singing or a cover of a pre-existing Death Battle song that hasn't gotten a vocal version yet)
(Prices WILL be raised once commissions are fully set-up)
June 9th
Dear GOD it's been awhile, I've added and changed a LOT of links and such. Additionally the date has been updated, most of the new stuff is in my portfolio page if you're wondering.

Wanna commission me? Well here's my current commission document that tells you everything you need to know alongside a commission sheet as well to make things easier.Commission doc:
Commission sheet:

My commission sheet